Celebrate some of your most pivotal and memorable experiences with the following live entertainers.

Specialty Entertainment offerings including:

  • Mesmerizing Fire Dancers
  • Illumination at night with LED/Glow Dancers
  • Variety Circus Entertainment
  • Jugglers
  • Balloon Artists
  • Aerialists
  • Themed Character Acting
  • Private and Public Workshops for children and adults
  • Interactive experiences and stage shows

Let us know your budget and event ideas in the booking section to help us select the right entertainers, and create a package just for you!

Standard & Premiere Fire Packages:

Standard Fire Package 

    • 30 minute showcase
    • 5 mesmerizing variety acts with dance and several skill sets.
    • Complimentary video recap (1 min, recorded in 4k)

Our Premiere Fire Package  

    • 1 hour fire showcase 
    • 10 WOW-Factor fire acts with even bigger flames and skill sets.
    • Bonus fire magic shenanigans
    • Partner fire duet (Choreographed to your event only)
    • Complimentary video recap (2-3 min, recorded in 4k)
    • Complimentary LED Showcase/Lessons with kids/adults

Standard & Premiere LED Packages:

Standard LED Package 

    • 30 minute atmospheric or interactive Smart LED showcase 
    • Customizable characters to match your theme
    • Complimentary workshop demo with the kids/adults
    • Complimentary video recap (1 min, recorded in 4k) 

Premiere LED Package

    • 1 hour atmospheric or interactive LED Showcase
    • Personalized patterns and images with Smart LED technology
    • Customizable Characters to match your theme
    • Choreographed Stage Show
    • Choreographed Partner duets 
    • Complimentary demo with the kids/adults
    • Complimentary video recap (2 min, recorded in 4k)

Variety Entertainment Offerings and Bundles:

Aerialists: Experience incredible strength, flexibility, and the gorgeous shapes these artists can create with their bodies through aerial silks, lyra, chinese pole, straps, and rope.

Character Actors:  We match any event theme to interact with your guests, and create an experience without breaking character! Our character actors engage in fun, silly conversations with the guests, greetings, games, luxury drink serving, and general shenanigans!

Contemporary Circus Entertainment: Experience our zany circus artists with shows that involve a great deal of skill and audience participation. Jugglers, Hula Hoopers, Unicyclists, Plate Spinning, Unique Balancing Acts, and much more. Experiences for both children and adults. 

Stilt-Walkers:  Stilt-walkers help bring your event to new heights. Guests can dance with our stilt-walkers, take pictures with,  high-five, and create memories with our long-legged friends! 

Quotes are prepared based upon date of event, duration of performance, customized costuming and special requests, travel, fire safety compensation, permitting, and additional equipment when applicable. All entertainers possess speciality insurance policies. Please visit our “Fire Safety” tab above to learn our booking procedures for fire.