Corners of Creation, LLC is a specialty event entertainment company in Akron, Ohio, traveling around the U.S. to deliver an unforgettable experience to live events through variety entertainment offerings, as well as workshops.

Our entertainers are whimsical, heartwarming, comical, and compassionate, from fire and LED dancers, stilt-walkers, character actors, ballon artists, etc.

Meet the Director:

In Spring of 2011, director Kate Starks, traveled to Akron, Ohio to study law, and graduated from the University of Akron, but did not realize an even more fulfilling opportunity would present itself.

In the summer of 2013, she began to explore several facets of the local arts community including jugglers to unicyclists, aerialists and more. Inspired by the arts community at large, Kate was driven to allow this passion fuel her purpose: Creating with and empowering others.

In 2016, Corners of Creation was born and formed to foster creativity within the arts community, and tell a story through variety acts of entertainment. To continue to nurture her passion for the arts, Kate made Akron her home, and served as Director of Flame Festival in LaFayette, Georgia, and the Media Manager for the Flow Arts Institute. Kate’s specialty acts include multi- hula hoop acts, fire performances, and interactive characters. Check out our feature in the Devil Strip below to learn more. 

Mission: Providing personalized entertainment with inspiration to reach to the furthest corners of the imagination to see what can be found. We strive to build human connection and education through performing arts, storytelling, and skill sharing.